May 15, 2010

You're not my type if you..

1) demonstrate yourself as a topshop ambassador 24/7

2) don't eat veggies

3) like everything that is unhealthy (oily foods, excessive carbo-diet, etc)

4) your favourite pastime is bragging what you/your family/your friends do in your/their pastime that is so awesome everyone must know

5) love to lepak BB

6) are actively involved in the so-called social scene (indie/heavy metal/hardcore/hujan/ribut/petir)

7) few inches shorter than i am (how am i going to get to wear heels that way? this is like Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes all over again when katie had to bend her knee in their wedding photograph because tom is obviously shorter than katie, they said)

8) don't practice a healthy islamic way of life ( i certainly don't want my kids to end up behaving like satan and spending my entire golden years figuring out who's fault it is)

9) sexist

10) have a very deep interest in the world of pornography (please)

11) immature

12) have an ex-girlfriend that you still keep in touch with every single day every single second (there is a solid reason why it is called ex-girlfriend not girlfriend)

13) have an addiction towards anything narcotic

14) don't look anything like Van Diesel or Matt Lanter

15) are skinnier than i do (i don't want to be blamed when our kids end up being 'healthy' and 'nourished')

16) dye your hair with any sort of unnatural looking colours (blue, green, white, silver, shocking pink, etc)

17) love yourself. only yourself.

and the list can go on and on :)

May 12, 2010


i am obsess with detoxifying.


You're not original.

May 5, 2010

Who am i?

I thought this whole identity crisis issues only emerge once u reach ur pre-teen stage and it'll fade away along with ur step towards adulthood, but now i'm guessing not. I still have issues with myself. I am still figuring out who i am. As much as i hate to admit it, but i do wander every night before i go and lay myself in bed about what kind of person i am, which type of individual i fall into and all those things that sometimes keep you awake for the entire night.

Sometimes i talk about things and i don't know why i said them. Sometimes i do things and i cannot figure out why i want to do them. I want to be like this but i am afraid of stepping out of my comfort zone. I want to be like that but i am scared those people around me might justify the actions i take. Or they might get hurt from the outcome. I don't want to be self-centered but sometimes i just cannot help it trying to protect myself from being hurt. I want to be casual, friendly and cosy and every positive values people look for in a friend but sometimes you just make it hard for me to turn that into reality. I try not to care. I try to take things lightly. I don't want to be bothered. Buat lek je it'll pass it'll pass but for how long can it lasts?

May 4, 2010


i cannot believe i only have a few days left to spare now :(
i cannot believe that in a few days time i will find myself waking up in a different bedroom, taking my shower in a different bathroom, eating my meal in a whole different dining room.
changes are good, but not preferable. i hate the whole adapting process. tell me i will survive :'(