Jul 30, 2010

I would appreciate it if you could,

1) say 'excuse me' whenever you want to pass by instead of langgar me with ur cheap pvc handbag (it's not that i bother so much about the handbag, it's ur ethic. it's sickening. kata pegi sekolah. apa kau bljr?)


u see, having a live traffic feeds at ur blog is really not helping at all in my case. for that it disturbs me by making me think thoroughly about for example, who the hell that lives in Semenyih that just got into my site few hours ago, or do i have any friends who by any chance happen to live in Puchong and he or she happened to visit my blog few days ago, or perhaps who the freak from Miri, Sarawak just stopped by here? (Is it you, Chibi? If it's you then HIIIII! haha)
and yes, i am that curious.

Jul 27, 2010


when i first started blogging i didn't know what i'll end up jotting down here considering that i am all reserve and shit. and i still don't know. and i am still all reserve and shit. so im a college student now. it's been that way since 8th june 2010.

malas la nak cerita pnjg2. nak tau tanya jela. and oh btw, i miss my friends like shit. the real one. sob sob.