Nov 18, 2010

Liyana 101

i started out wearing nail polish when i was 6 years old. heheh. back then i even painted them colours on my brothers' fingernails. i was obsess with nail polish. who to blame la, i was 6, living in singapore with them chinese, so you can guess where i got the influence from.

It's backkkk

lamanya x pergi bijou. imma go with my momma and ask her to bargain every item possible! (she's a great bargainer) hehe

Nov 12, 2010

Strolling down memory lane

during my high school year, i was that girl who :

1. gedik. entah la, that was what everyone told me until i was in form 3. lepas tu, i haven't heard of the phrase nymore. cehhhhh. hahaha.

2. i was that girl who had her kain sekolah ripped when she was on stage in front of all the pupils from Hulu Langat District to receive our anugerah cemerlang pmr. sakai gila aku. naik atas pentas kain koyak. not literally koyak but the side stitch terbukak. but all went well, balik rumah dpt rm200. kau dpt ke? hahah!

3. i was that girl who always had her kain tudung stained with any food particles being sold at the canteen after recess. lepas rehat je, mesti ada stain dkt tudung. usually it was the sambal ikan bilis from the nasi lemak i had or kuah mee kari all time favourite.

4. i was that girl who never wore white socks. boringnya white socks. there was this time during form 5 i did not even bother to buy one, i rasa i pakai colourful socks dari awal tahun sampai la habis spm.

5. i was good in essay. nak jugak la menggelabah kau je ke boleh shesh. i dapat highest in penulisan bahasa melayu waktu trial hikhikhik.

6. i suka datang lambat. the assemblies were boring. lepas pmr je, nothing about that school matters to me anymore. i datang sbb nak amik spm je. after spm, i wanna get the hell out of there. and i did :)

7. nama i x penah naik carta pelajar salah laku. baik kan?

8. i bukan teacher's pet. and i hate teacher's pet.

9. i tried to be someone in highschool, i tried to achieve something just for the sake of memories but in the end, i could not care less and i give up trying.

10. oh last but not least, i was also that girl who accidentally threw her compasses to her Biology teacher. yaAllah nasib baik tak terkena Puan Zehan i was actually aiming it to my 'very good friend' whom i found very annoying.

so now you know why i told you i hate my high school years? :)

Nov 9, 2010

Just another post

ever since i enrolled myself in what they called the Biological Science Programme in this oldest institution in malaysia, my bond with my mother strengthen. we are more open, we talk more, we talk all the time in fact. and everytime i nak balik college we hug so tight i never felt we were this close before. see, i told you. absence makes the heart grow fonder. i always love some distance exist between those i care, be it families or friends. i don't know, i just work that way :)
sbb kalau jumpa hari2 banyak friction, betul tak?

on another note, whilst the mother-daughter relationship with my mother is nurtured, my bond with the father is weaken. for this i blame his 'absence and lack of interest' during every conversation i try to pry his attention into. the father seriously needs to read men are from mars, women are from venus! for example, there was one day he picked me up from college and on the way back home, i told him about my day (for the sake of a conversation) and all he answered was a "hmm" and he continued his conversation with my brother about what guys talk the best, sports. dash underscore dash!

see, if football does not exist, my father and brother would have nothing to talk about with each other. if Ford never invented a vehicle back then, my father and brother would have nothing to talk about in their convo either. because truth to be told, THAT IS ALL THEY CAN TALK ABOUT. boys and feelings, they just can't exist in the same sentence aren't they? haha.