Nov 18, 2012

My my baby blue

#np - Jaded by Aerosmith

I just love everything i have right now. The selfish ungrateful me would want more but having all these beautiful people in my life, i think i'm good =)

Aug 28, 2012

A year ago i met someone i never thought would meant this much to me. Has it ever occur to you when you set eyes on someone and then you just knew? That electric intense feeling you don't know where it rooted and you always saw them in movies and then all of sudden it came true to you.

Aug 19, 2012

I tried to keep myself occupied so that i won't think about the thoughts that try to sneak in to my head. It's annoying. It annoys me how ughhhh. Whatever. There's just too much. Bye


I've spent my life trying to figure out what i am and who am i. Not exactly but still a large amount of my time i've sat down trying to label the emotions i felt at that time, at that particular moment. And then i found a word. A word i think that describes me this whole time. And that word is 'inadequate'. Yes. I am inadequate. Inadequate is me.

Guess i need a place to ramble. I guess there's just too much in my head and i can't contain all that anymore i just want to spit it all out. And maybe that is why i head here. Again. Huhu.


Used to have a space right here in blogspot. Then I decided to remove it. Old trash. I want to start new. But then i logged in and there my old posts are. Lol. Sokay.

Apr 14, 2012

when i was in highschool i had sleeping problem. i would usually slept the entire evening and ended up waking up when everyone in the house was fast asleep. and i'd usually spent the littlest amount of that hours doing school stuff. and the rest of the time my mind would be wandering. and that was when all crazy thoughts sneaked into my head. and that was when i went all 'creative' and bermadah di laman sesawang ini. lol. those were the days.. and i ended up sleeping late. and i ended up not attending school. and i ended up missing add maths lessons. and i ended up got a fucking b plus for add maths.. k bye

Feb 25, 2012

my blogspot is a place of memories of who i was back then, this is usually the place i went to ramble my thoughts back then when i was in high school and during college. tapi waktu college tak active sangat. waktu highschool, yes. and now this chick is 20 how time flies ohmygodddddd i am so olddddddd !!!!! *shed tears*

Feb 17, 2012



Hi you all readers out there (if i ever had one) hahah